Split peas

Split peas

Yellow pea is one of the most nourishing legumes which consists of healthy amino acids. Thanks to its biochemical composition, the yellow pea is an important source for vitamins and is body enhancing. With a lot of iodine in its composition, the yellow pea is vital for thyrone as well. Before using it in your dish, soak it for 6-8 hours and then boil on weak fire until it is soft and nice.

Split peas 1 kg
Net weight: 1 kg
Package quantity
Qty in a box: 12 pc
Qty on a layer: 144 pc
Qty on a pallet: 720 pc
EAN code: 4742298000381
100 g nutritional value:
Energetic value 1268 kj / 303 kcal
Fat 1.2 g
of whish saturated fatty ocids 0.2 g
Carbohydrates 53.3 g
of which sugars 1.8 g
Fiber 10.8 g
Protein 23.0 g
Salt 0 g

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