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 WorldLine OÜ is an enterprise based on 100% Estonian capital. The company started its activities in year 1997 by importing raw materials for the Estonian food industry. Initially, the main field of activity of the enterprise was supplying the food industry and packaging companies of Estonia with various milling products.

In year 2003, the company acquired packaging equipment and started packaging activities as an additional field of activity. Today, the main field of activity of the enterprise is importing, exporting and packaging of milling products; also, production of sweets has been added.

We are selling our own products under the trademark BALTIX. Our modern packaging equipment allows us to offer our consumers tasty, high-quality products in beautiful packages. The enterprise values consumer satisfaction and healthy lifestyles via clean environment.


Tel. +372 6546996
Tel./Fax. +372 6546686
E-mail: info at baltix dot ee